Mission Statement

The purpose of the Sonoma State University Transportation & Parking Program is to provide transportation support and parking services for the campus community through the use of creative, innovative and proactive measures that support University-related policies, support the University mission and anticipate changing trends or events which may influence transportation and parking resources.

It is the goal of the parking program to support its philosophy through the following objectives:

  • To provide accurate and courteous parking information and services to Sonoma State University employees, students and visitors
  • To support transportation on campus in a manner that ensures safety, efficiency, and consideration of environmental impact and sustainability
  • To provide consistency in the application of University policies and guidelines through a fair and educational parking enforcement program
  • To maintain efficiency with parking allocation and minimizing permit dissimulation
  • To coordinate event parking and transportation to ensure quality customer service
  • To maintain parking facilities in a safe, clean and usable condition by coordinating such efforts with other campus offices