Bicycle Registration

Bicycle theft is an all too common crime of opportunity. Unsecured or poorly secured bicycles are an easy target for thieves. When bicycles are stolen, investigations and recovery are often hampered by the owner's poor records and inability to identify his or her own bike.

Bike thieves look for the easiest bikes to steal...don't be a victim!

Did You Know...?

AAA estimates the annual cost of operating a sedan at $7,300. The annual cost of riding a bicycle every day?...$120

Proper Bike Storage

There are two very important things you must do to avoid being the victim of bicycle theft.

  1. Buy a quality bike lock. U-lock style locks are considered to be the most effective.
  2. Use the bike lock. Yes...even when you are just running a quick errand.

It sounds very simple...and it is. Surely, these two tips will not prevent all bike thefts. They can, however, prevent many. When locking your bike, please remember these important tips:

  • Always park your bike to secure bike racks — not to trees, benches, signposts or other objects. Along with safety issues for others, these objects may be more easily compromised by thieves.
  • Never secure your bike to building staircase or ramp railings. At SSU, your bike may be removed immediately by Police Services staff. Securing your bike to these objects creates serious issues for those entering and exiting buildings and may prohibit persons with disabilities from accessing the building.
  • Secure your bike lock to the frame of your bicycle. Also be careful that you have not locked your bike to another bike.

Bicycle Registration

Faculty, staff and students may register bicycles with SSU Police for free. Bike registration is a great tool to prevent the resale of your bike if it is stolen and to increase the chances your bike is recovered and returned to you. Often, police recover stolen bikes but are unable to reunite the owner with the bike because there is no way to identify them. Registration takes only a few minutes.

Bikes may be registered at Police Services any time. Just bring your bicycle to the station. While here, an officer or other employee will collect information about your bike, including the brand, model, color, serial number, approximate value and any distinguishing features. All of that information is written on a registration card. We keep a copy of the card and you get a copy. If your bike is ever stolen, we, or any other police agency, may use that information to accurately document your bicycle so it may be returned to you if recovered. When you register your bike, we can also engrave something unique (often your driver's license number) on the frame, identifying it as your property.

Reporting Stolen Bicycles

If your bike has been stolen, file a police report as soon as possible with the police department in the jurisdiction where the theft occurred. Bring all the information you have about your bike, including the serial number. Bicycles that are reported stolen in California are entered into a statewide database that all police agencies can access if they recover stolen property. The sooner you report your bike stolen, the more likely the chances of it being recovered.