Ten Invalid Reasons for Parking Citation Dismissal

There was no where else to park. The lot was full.

It is the responsibility of the driver to find legal parking. If you are unable to locate parking, please visit the Parking information Centers for assistance.

I was only parked there for a short time.

While this explanation is very common, it is not appropriate. There are timed zones that are available for short term visits. Using reserved disabled, no parking or residence hall zones for a “few minutes” is no excuse.

I did not see the sign that said the area was restricted.

Signs are posted at the entrances to each lot. Additionally, a detailed parking map is available in the annual Parking and Traffic Information brochure and at the Police and Parking Services office.

I was late and didn't have time to buy a permit.

Being late, even if not due to poor planning, is not an excuse to violate any regulation. Plan extra time in your schedule to avoid these situations. If there are extenuating circumstances, call Police and Parking Services at (707) 664-4444 to inquire about alternate arrangements.

I thought my errand would take less time that it did.

It is not a good idea to park in a timed zone when you are not sure how long you will be gone. If there is a chance you may be delayed, it is best to purchase a permit and park in a regular lot.

There was no sign saying I could not park there.

It is not possible to mark every place on campus where parking is prohibited. The SSU Parking Policy states that parking is not permitted in areas that are not clearly marked or in unpaved areas.

No one else around me got a ticket.

There are many reasons you may not observe tickets on neighboring vehicles: other ticketed vehicles may have left before you, the officer may have needed to respond to another area or the vehicle may have arrived after the officer had left. No matter the circumstances, a violation is valid if the rules were broken.

I did not know that parking was enforced on weekends/summer/at night.

The SSU Parking Policy and campus signs clearly state when parking is enforced for a variety of violations. A permit is required on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Other people do it all the time. I've done it for years.

You will not be rewarded for violating rules without previous penalty. Again, parking enforcement officers are not in all places at once and some people are bound to get away without a citation. This does not change the fact that your citation is valid.

The lot was empty or the spaces are not used.

Some types of spaces, such as disabled spaces, are mandated by law. In order to enforce consistency, parking regulations will be enforced at different times of the day. An empty lot is not an invitation to violate the rules.