Parking Permits & Passes

Under state law all parking on a University campus is subject to payment of a specified fee. This applies to all Staff, Faculty, Students, and Visitors. Visitors who are parked in posted time zones for the time specified or who display valid visitor parking permits are excluded.

The University reserves the right to charge a fee for parking during special events on weekends and holidays.

Parking Fees

Under state law, all parking on a California State University campus is subject to payment of a specified fee. This applies to all employees, students, and visitors, except those visitors who are parked in posted time zones for the time specified or who display valid visitor permits.

Students with California disabled placards who are receiving financial aid may be eligible for parking fee waivers. Please contact Financial Aid for eligibility information.

Different fees may apply to certain represented employees.

Three different types of parking permits are available. General permits are valid in lots E, F, G, H, J, L, M, N and O. Reserved permits are valid in all General lots and in lots A, D and on Juniper Lane.


Daily reserved parking permits are subject to availability and may be unavailable without notice.

Parking Fees (updated 7/19/2021)
Parking Type Fee
General Semester $126
Housing Semester $126
General Summer $83
Reserved Semester $262
Reserved Summer $157
Motorcyle Semester $31
Motorcycle Summer $23
Daily General $5
Daily Reserved $8



Parking permits are generally non-refundable. Permits that are lost or stolen are not eligible for free or discounted replacement.

Students may be eligible for a full or partial refund under the following circumstances:

  • The permit is sold for the incorrect amount.
  • A student is disenrolled or deemed ineligible for enrollment in the term, if the University does not provide notice to the student before the first day of classes (when the delay in notification is not due to incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the student).
  • A student is activated for compulsary military service.
  • Extraordinary circumstances where the University approves a refund of all student fees.

Employees may be eligible for a full or partial refund under the following circumstances:

  • Employees participating in payroll deduction who request a stop where the deduction is not stopped as requested.
  • Employees who have purchased a semester permit and separate from state service prior to the expiration date of the permit.

Full refunds of permits may be available if the permit is returned prior to the first day of classes. All other refunds are subject to the proration schedule. Partial-month refunds are not available.

Parking Permits

Parking permits may be purchased online only.

Persons who park on campus on a regular basis are strongly encouraged to purchase semester permits. Long-term (two year) parking permits may be purchased by full-time faculty and staff who participate in the payroll deduction plan. These permits will be automatically replaced before the expiration date unless a stop is specifically requested by the participating employee.

Hangtag permits must be displayed in clear view inside the windshield hanging from the rear view mirror or on the lower driver’s side dashboard. Decals must be affixed to lower side driver side window or hanging from rear view mirror. Permits must be fully visible at all times. Please remove your hanging permit before driving.

Semester Parking Permits
Term On Sale Valid Expires
Fall 2021 08/01/2021 08/01/2021 01/23/2022
Spring 2022 12/01/2021 01/01/2022  5/27/2022
Summer 2022 05/01/2022 05/23/2022 08/16/2022

Altered, fraudulent use, or production of parking permits is strictly enforced with minimum fines of $285.00. In addition to fines, incidents of altered or fraudulent parking permits will be forwarded to law enforcement for administrative and/or criminal investigation.

  • Permits are not transferrable between parties
  • Permits must be entirely visible to be valid
  • Display original permit only (no copies)

Short-Term Parking Permits

Short-term parking permits are available for purchase at permit machines located in most parking lots, at either of the Parking Information centers or can be purchase online. Please refer to the campus map for exact locations. Permit machines accept cash or all major credit cards. Machines do not give change.

Short-term parking is available without a permit only in marked timed zones. Timed zones are located in many parking lots. Timed zones are strictly enforced.

Short-term parking permits are $5.00 per day for general and $8.00 for reserved parking. Multiple day permits are available for consecutive days at the daily rate. Multiple day permits and reserved permits are available only at the Parking Information centers or onlineShort-term reserved passes are subject to availability at the discretion of Parking Services.

Students, faculty or staff who attend the University on a regular basis are strongly encouraged to purchase a semester permit. Persons who come to campus two times a week for a 16 week semester will spend $160.00 on daily permit fees. Additionally, parking permits save you time with parking permit machines!

If the machine does not operate properly, it is the responsibility of the purchaserto immediately contact Transportation & Parking Services at (707) 664-4321. The purchaser must obtain a permit at another operable permit machine or at either of the Parking Information centers.

Temporary Disability Parking

Qualifying students, faculty, or staff with temporary or on-going disabilities who do not possess a DMV Disabled Placard may apply to receive a Temporary Disabled Parking Permit. This permit allows vehicles to park in disabled zones on campus for up to 30 days. Vehicles must also display a valid SSU parking permit.

Temporary disabled parking permits may be obtained by filling out a Temporary Disability Parking Application and information regarding the acquisition and proper use of the permit are available in the 30-Day Temporary Parking Guidelines (see below). Medical certification may be required. Applications should be returned to Disability Services for Students. Please contact Disability Services for Students at (707) 664-2677 (dial 711 for Relay) for additional information about this program.

The permits may not be renewed. Individuals who require longer accommodation must contact the California DMV to apply for a disabled placard.

Temporary Disability Parking Application (doc)
This form is to be used by qualifying students, faculty, or staff who would like to apply for a temporary parking permit. Applications should be returned to Disability Services for Students in Schulz 1014A.

30-Day Temporary Parking Guidelines
This web page provides information regarding the acquisition and proper use of the permit.

Parking Information Centers

Parking Information Centers are located at both the north and south entrances of campus. The centers offer transit information, campus maps and parking information. Daily and weekly parking passes are also available for sale.

Please visit our Parking Information Centers web page for more information.

Parking Kiosk

The Parking Kiosk is located in Salazar 1000 where you can purchase a parking permit and pay or dispute citations.