Bicycle Theft Prevention

Bicycle theft is an all too common crime of opportunity. Unsecured or poorly secured bicycles are an easy target for thieves. When bicycles are stolen, investigations and recovery are often hampered by the owner's poor records and inability to identify his or her own bike.

Bike thieves look for the easiest bikes to steal...don't be a victim!

Proper Bike Storage

There are two very important things you must do to avoid being the victim of bicycle theft.

Buy a quality bike lock. U-lock style locks are considered to be the most effective. Many bicycles are secured with a lock too weak relative to the value of the bicycle. If your bike is expensive, invest in a high quality U-Lock to help deter potential theft activity.

Use the bike lock. Yes...even when you are just running a quick errand.

It sounds very simple...and it is. Surely, these two tips will not prevent all bike thefts. They can, however, prevent many. When locking your bike, please remember these important tips:

  • Always park your bike to secure bike racks — not to trees, benches, signposts or other objects. Along with safety issues for others, these objects may be more easily compromised by thieves.
  • Never secure your bike to building staircase or ramp railings. At SSU, your bike may be removed immediately by Police Services staff. Securing your bike to these objects creates serious issues for those entering and exiting buildings and may prohibit persons with disabilities from accessing the building.
  • Don't leave your bicycle locked and unattended for an extended amount of time as it may look abandoned and more appealing to potetnial thieves.
  • Secure your bike lock to the frame of your bicycle and, when possible, through both tires. Use more than one locking system. also, consider replacing quick release tire release levers with regular nuts and bolts. Also be careful that you have not locked your bike to another bike.